New : What's on the workbench today?

New: What's on the workbench today?

New: What's on the workbench today?

what's new? what's coming? what's in production? new glass ideas, new textiles? check out my new blog here...


Where is the year going? Suddenly it's June!                            June 2019

This year I have been focussing on smaller items such as jewellery and will be exhibiting at fewer shows, simply to take a break, experiment more, and regain a little "me" time.

That is not to say I shall disappear completely - this site will be up and running and I shall be increasing my online presence.

I have also been on an amazing glass powders course so am experimenting with a whole set of new ideas and it is taking up all my spare hours (therapy time away from my day job!)

However, This weekend is THE GARDEN SHOW at STANSTED HOUSE near Portsmouth - one of my favourite and happiest shows each year. I shall be exhibiting on all three days in the Gifts and Interiors marquee - please come and say hello!

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions and queries, it's always a pleasure chatting with you.

Many thanks for your continuing support.














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